voeux du nouvel an… en XML !

ins and outs in news aggregators. I wonder if there is a way to get some of these things back into the aggregator. Even so I still find myself going to the same four or five sites for my daily browse post time spent reviewing the fifty or so channels in my aggregator. Things you miss in the aggregator…. 1.  Some of Joe’s thoughts, presented graphically, like:

<seek peace>
<clarify your fear>
</move forward>
</make sense>
</be happy!>

2.  The left sidebar.  It was built by visitors and sometimes, it actually greets them when they return.

3.  Links to some outstanding people and their websites (both sidebars).

4.  Things other than text, like layout, look, and feel (i.e., style).

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Introduction aux archives du mois de décembre 2002

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Gilles Beauchamp

Formation en recherche culturelle, de 1973 à 1976, puis en sociologie de 1986 à 1993, à l'UQAM. Organisateur communautaire dans le réseau de la santé, CLSC Hochelaga-Maisonneuve puis CSSS Lucille-Teasdale, à Montréal, de 1976 à 2012.

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