I Seem to Be a Verb: Environment and Man's Future
R. Buckminster Fuller, Jerome Agel, Quentin Fiore  
I Seem to Be a Verb: Environment and Man's Future Image Cover
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Maison d'édition:Bantam Books
Format:Mass Market Paperback
Date de parution:1970-09-01
Dimensions:0.50 x 6.90 x 4.10 in
Date de l'ajout:2010-09-07
Appréciation:5.0 (1 voix)
Résumé: here is a perfect intro to some of the lighter mental aspects of the man known as R. Buckminster Fuller. keep in mind that this book was co-written by Quentin Fiore, so it is not entirely the work of Fuller. I first saw it about 10 years ago and was enamored with it's humor, astuteness, and positive charm. it is very much a period piece, but it is no less interesting now than when it was published. from a design standpoint it is mindblowing...the pages are divided in half longitudinally by two lines of type, one right side up( the top line), and one upside-down. the rest of the upper half of the page is filled with blurbs, clip art and the like. the bottom half is the same, but upside down. the book can be read to the end and flipped, so that the second half that was upside down can be read. also, you can stop at any point and flip the book again and continue. in a way, this book contains the means to keep reading the same book indefinitely, and creates a microcosmic litte universe all it's own. the subject matter is all over the place, but mostly deals with the realities and absurdities of then-modern life. many deep, serious subjects are approached here, as well as banalities of pop culture. it is all done in a way that expresses a raised-eybrow idealisim that is quite magnetizing. I may mention that the artwork/layout is quite good as well, and it's easy to see where other collage artists like Winston Smith got some of their ideas from. to my knowledge this is the only book of it's kind. a good, fun read for someone who wants something a little left field, or someone who wants a non-traditional intro to Mr. Fuller.