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Google Sky ?

Hé oui, on peut maintenant  non seulement voir la terre du ciel, mais aussi examiner les étoiles… avec Google Earth, petit module gratuit, merveilleux pour préparer un voyage…

Take Your Class Sky High with Google Earth: « Everyone is going gaga over Google Sky (which really should be been titled Google Space) and so I took it for a test run yesterday. It’s pretty nice, but not as nice as other space view programs I’ve seen. The zoom is impressive, but the Hubble images are a bit abrupt and the images of the planets look like little icons that have been glued into place – zoom in, zoom out, the plants stay the same size. Tacky. And there’s no names for the stars, just the constellations. Where Google excels, though, is with the plug-ins and inserts, so you can create tours and insert text and stuff. Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher Blog, August 23, 2007
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