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ce qu’il reste de la culture commune

(…) the growing inequality of our society makes it almost impossible to imagine ever formulating a shared sense of the good life.  The very idea of the common good becomes a stretch given the profoundly different ways in which the super rich, the poor and the majority experience life.  They breathe different air and especially as social mobility dries up they lose touch with each other.  In an increasingly privatised world, they do not meet as fellow citizens.  Their kids go to different schools.  They live increasingly in different neighbourhoods.  In Canada the last place that is meant to accommodate all of us in shared experience is our public health system – and no wonder the pressure to privatize is relentless. (…) just as the very rich want to see taxes cut to hold on to what they have, so too do the majority want to withhold their money from a state they no longer trust.[via Alex Himelfarb’s Blog]

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