ma dose quotidienne de Downes

À peine quelques unes des ressources intéressantes proposées récemment par Stephen Downes, dans son OLDaily, bulletin quotidien (!) de trouvailles portant sur le e-learning, les ressources des TICs utiles en contexte d’apprentissage, mais aussi plus largement parfois, sur la démocratie, le Open Source…

  • A Wealth of Knowledge Free to the World: JHSPH OpenCourseWare
    The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has announced the initial phase of its pilot OpenCourseWare (OCW) project.
  • OpenSearch
    I had a quick look at this because George Siemens linked to it – A9 has been all the rage for the last few weeks in the blogosphere – and I want to take a deeper look because of what I saw. Forget the article for a second – check out this search first,
  • An analysis of community as it emerges in blogging: how it is formed, how it should reshape the blogosphere, and how it can be implemented (quite easily) technologically. And along the way, deflating a few pet concepts of the blogerati, such as the value of the long tail and the utility of tagging. Si vous préférez écouter cette conférence de Stephen Downes, ou encore l’écouter en regardant le PowerPoint d’accompagnement : PowerPoint Slides (9 meg) MP3 Audio (6 meg).
  • Total Cost of Ownership and Open Source Software (pdf)
    Readers looking for a nice bottom-line favoring open source or proprietary software will be disappointed. Readers seeking to understand the concept and to get a good model in order to conduct their own assessment will be delighted.
  • Consumption vs Deliberation Government 2.0 Slammed I am supportive of the idea of decentralizing government, but not at the expense of placing governance into the hands of undemocratic institutions

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