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Health inequities: lower socio-economic conditions and higher incidences of intestinal parasites: « The percentages of the students found to be infected with intestinal parasites, were 78 (39.6%) and 13 (13.4%) in SPS and UPS, respectively. Totally 91 (31.0%) of the students from both schools were found to be infected with at least one intestinal parasite. Giardia lamblia was found to be the most common pathogenic intestinal parasite and Blastocystis hominis was prevalent independently from the hygienic conditions. The factors which significantly (p <0.05) increase the incidence of intestinal parasites were uneducated and unemployed mother, lower social status of father, living in crowded houses with insufficient indoor spaces, using the tap water as drinking water, and living at shanty areas. » (Via BMC Public Health – Latest articles.)



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