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Je n’ai pas encore lu ce rapport publié par le « Department for Communities and Local Government’s Civil Renewal Unit » que nous présente ici Kevin Harris, sur son blog, Neighbourhoods, mais juste à voir la table des matières, ça méritera l’effort d’une lecture en anglais (le document fait une quarantaine de pages)

Community assets The Civil Renewal Unit has just published a report by Stephen Thake on community assets.

A first glance would suggest that this could helpfully have come before, not after, the government’s review of community management and ownership of assets which was published in March. It will be worth remembering that the summary, and much of the first half of the present report, more or less amount to a very handy essay on the nature of the community sector.

« This report has three main themes: the contribution of community-based organisations; their organisational and financial fragility; and the important function that the management and ownership of capital plays in a strategy of growth and sustainability. Summaries of the case studies are distributed throughout the report. »

I posted a note about the British Social Housing Foundation’s report last year on community land trusts, here.

La Table des matières

Community-based organisations
Distinctive nature of community-based organisations
Community-based organisations
Community groups
Community organisations
Multi-purpose organisations
Wealth creating, multi-purpose organisations
Strategies for sustainability
Approaches to sustainability
Earned income
Surplus generating enterprises
Management and ownership of physical assets
Purpose-built space
Management agreements
Funding for acquisition and refurbishment
Potential for growth
Redundant buildings
Management agreements
Funding for acquisition and refurbishment



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