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le grand livre du voisinage

J’ai souligné la phrase : Il y a de la vie hors des USA. C’était trop beau ! Et trop vrai que cette ouverture est plutôt rare chez nos voisins d’en bas.

The great neighborhood book: « Jay Walljasper presents a wide range of positive aspects of neighbourhood life in short, digestible, well-illustrated chapters. His range of examples is broad – one of the strengths of PPS that I’ve always liked is that they recognise that there is life outside the USA, and they make an effort to find out about it. And the book sparkles with enthusiastic tips and suggestions for actions, little and large, that can be taken by residents. Chapters are rounded-off with a convenient short resource list. » (Via Neighbourhoods.)

Et c’est pas cher en plus : 19.95$



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